• Biscottino: la golosità non può attendere...
  • Ciocococco: due gusti che sono nati per stare insieme.
  • Caramel: un classico di dolcezza.
  • Foresta Nera: forse l'unica in cui non avrai paura di perderti.
  • Luna di Miele: momenti che non si dimenticano per tutta la vita.
  • Muffin: é già in atto la nuova invasione…
  • Pannacotta: Ritrovare i veri sapori!!!
  • Pralina: differenziatevi dalla normalità!!!
  • Sinfonia Viennese: mentre assaggierete questa bontà anche il tempo si fermerà!!!
  • Snikky: il gusto che ti da la carica!!!
  • I Veneziani: la poesia di Venezia in un gelato.
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History and mission

It was during the war years when young Bruno Bigatton founded his company, driven by an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit that led him, in later years, to make the Bigatton products known worldwide.

The first exports to Germany, Belgium and France, following in the wake of Italian ice cream makers who were also embarking on the enormous task of making Italian ice cream known around the world, were a fruitful experience for comparison with different and difficult realities that, however, directed the company in its great calling as an exporter.

While Gianfranco expanded European customer numbers, Bruno, fortified by the help of his wife, Maria, and daughter Marina, opened branches and found new customers in countries which in those days were very distant.

We can say with pride that in 1980 we were already present with a production facility in Australia, the absolute first in the dissemination of Italian products thanks to the very valuable collaboration of the Messrs. Valmorbida.

The adventure then continued unabated with the arrival of our current company director, Mr. Giampaolo Bigatton, who introduced a strong push toward modernisation of the Bigatton group’s operations, currently consisting of ten companies.

Today the company has become a true breeding ground for ideas, and many new products are being developed, whose quality is absolute well beyond ISO standards; a phrase that by now we are accustomed to saying to all our customers is that with us, there is not a product which has not been thoroughly tested and above all, that has not been "eaten."

The company is at the top in the world of ice cream with highly automated equipment at all stages of the production process, whether for wafers or for semi-finished items. As of this year, there is a new packaging system for powdered products based on a vertical system where the various stages of working occur at different levels, and finally where the packaging system includes direct printing on packaging, completely eliminating the need for paper labels.

These features and the huge database of available formulations (over 2,500) make us privileged interlocutors among all the production and commercial companies that wish to become makers of customised products.

The company is located in Portogruaro, in the province of Venice, the factory has 8000m2. standing on an area of ​​40,000m2; it has total recycling facilities for work waste materials and a powerful purification plant.

In the new plant in Portogruaro, a very substantial area has been devoted to the “Accademia Bigatton” [Bigatton Academy]: spacious rooms equipped with the most modern systems for the production of ice cream and pastries; people who aspire to becoming ice cream professionals are received by qualified personnel who, accompanied by audio-visual equipment, lead them on a path made up of courses dedicated to reaching the objective.

Besides that, a team of experts follows all the developments and problems of the customer to lead them to a rapid opening without obstacles.

Finally, as of this year, Bigatton Production has become the supplier of raw materials certified by "Carpigiani Gelato University,” the world leader on ice cream making; the “Accademia Bigatton" actively collaborates in the courses of "Carpigiani Gelato University" held by the professors of the latter in our office in Portogruaro.

Our products can be found in 84 countries worldwide, with storage facilities in Australia with Bigatton Australia Ltd, in Hungary with Bigatton Kft, in the U.S. where as many as 80 Bigatton products have been classified by the FDA, in Morocco with Bigatton Marocco and many other countries with facilities that in addition to distributing our products, follow the customers in their most complex needs. Every year we handle travelling courses and assistance in the most remote corners of the world.

In Italy, the sales network is mainly based on the collaboration of 350 wholesalers in the ice cream and pastry making sector.

Unparalleled variety of toppings, sauces, variegation, classic creams and fruit, bases, supplies for hot chocolate, cold teas, puddings, granitas and a large variety of decorations with display gift boxes.

We can say without a shadow of a doubt that with our reverse osmosis (RO) system, we are able to produce the best partly candied fruits which are known by the name of Wfrutta: So unequalled is the supremacy of our wild strawberries that, in effect, we are the only ones to produce them.

Even more well known in the world of pastry-making are our cannoli pastry, cups, cones and butterflies that are to be found in all the European pastry shops, as semi-finished products leader and a must of great appeal to all customers.

Bigatton, 65 years ... but it doesn’t show them and it cheerfully continues on the sweet path of ice cream!